Countdown Checklist L-14: Complete Basic EUPA

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 1 physicians facing Connect Care Launch 14 days from now...
  • Complete that EUPA!
EUPA = "End User Proficiency Assessment". This becomes available in MyLearningLink as soon as basic training has been completed. The assessment is done online. It is not hard and you can refer to your training environment (TRN or EXAM) while completing the assessment (open book, open system). 

Don't procrastinate! It is better to take the EUPA, not get the needed 80%, and then re-take. Delaying only keeps one from progressing to personalization. And there is no access to the full production Connect Care system unless both InfoCare and EUPA are complete.

After completing the EUPA, check to see if a PASS confirmation arrives via email. If this does not happen, don't worry! We know that the MLL system has problems confirming completion for some of the computers or browsers used by physicians. Don't waste time trying to re-do the EUPA. Instead use the following link to answer a few questions and you will be moved to pass.

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