Countdown Checklist L-12: Confirm Roles

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 1 physicians facing Connect Care Launch 12 days from now...
  • Ambidextrous? Let us know! 
Most physicians work within a primary care or specialty service and are well served by the Connect Care department, role and user template assigned to them. Some physicians work in multiple facilities or specialties (e.g. Nephrology and General Internal Medicine); still served well by their Connect Care toolset and the ability to change departments (contexts) on the fly. 

Some physicians work in two or more specialty areas that have quite different clinical information system (CIS) modules. The emergency module (ASAP), for example, is not like the critical care user interface. If one needs to switch between different modules for different roles (e.g. ER physician and Critical Care physician), then more than one "sub-template" needs to be added to one's Connect Care physician record.

Connect Care has made these configuration changes for dual-role physicians already known. If you think you may have been missed, likely because you do not see a module you need, get in touch with Medical Affairs to request adjustments to your profile.

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