Countdown Checklist L-11: Anticipate Clinical Burdens

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 1 physicians facing Connect Care Launch 11 days from now...
  • Anticipate and Manage Launch Clinical Burdens
Many inpatient services have very limited ability to control patient census or clinical workloads. However, this is the time to make every effort to prepare for launch by:

  • readying for discharge as many patients as possible, especially where rehabilitation or other community services not in Wave 1 might be available. 
  • transfer all patients who could be repatriated to community hospitals within the pre-launch week, wherever possible. These hospitals are informed and primed to maximize their capacity. 
  • identify and list complex continuing patients who may need more cutover attention during the week pre-launch. 
  • Use sick roster backup and any other resources that can be leveraged to increase physician supports at launch.

Every team has different circumstances and will make different preparations. But do prepare!

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