Countdown Checklist L-10: Confirm PRD Access

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 1 physicians facing Connect Care Launch 10 days from now...
  • Check your PRD (Production) Access
All physicians who have completed their InfoCare training and Connect Care Proficiency Assessment (EUPA), should be able to log on to the full production version of Connect Care (PRD) by now. We know that there have been issues with SuperUser and other physicians losing access. This is being fixed. Everyone should have access by Oct 27.

Please do the following from within an AHS network (AHSRESTRICT) or from outside with the aid of a RSA security fob or token:
  1. Go to myapps.ahs.ca and log on with your AHS username and password. Can't get in? See "Access Problems" in the Physician Manual.
  2. Once logged on to myapps.ahs.ca, ensure that the PRD (production) Connect Care icon is available. If not, see "CIS Access" in the Manual.
  3. Open PRD and log on with your AHS username and password. Can't get in? Contact ConnectCare.SupportTeam.Security@ahs.ca or cmio@ahs.ca. We are trying to identify the users who somehow got missed. Do not expect access if InfoCare or EUPA is not complete.

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