Countdown Checklist L-07: Dictate Admission/Transfers

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 1 physicians facing Connect Care Launch 7 days from now...
  • Dictate any pre-launch inpatient admission or transfer notes 
Wave 1 inpatient facilities (University Hospital, Stollery Childrens Hospital, Mazinkowski Alberta Health Institute) are all supported for dictation of admission histories, transfer notes, and even consultation reports. This is done through the provincial eScription service. These dictations appear in the Netcare electronic health record, and will be available to refer to in Connect Care when it launches. Accordingly, succinct initial progress notes  become possible in Connect Care on November 3 if they can refer to an existing digital admission or transfer record and simply note changes since. The same applies for Consults performed in the coming week for patients expected to still be in-hospital post-launch.
  • Take advantage ot eScription to facilitate easier Connect Care cutover next weekend!

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