Countdown Checklist L-04: Confirm Access

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 1 physicians facing Connect Care Launch 4 days from now...
  • Access, Access, Access! 
Do you, or could you, have clinical duties November 3, 2019, at a Wave 1 Site (University Hospital, Mazinkowski Center, Stollery Hospital, any eCLINICIAN clinic, and others)? If so, it is essential that you confirm NOW that you have access to the AHS Network, to the Unified Access Portal (myapps.ahs.ca) and to Production (PRD) Connect Care.
We know that there have been problems with the MyLearningLink system. Alternate ways to confirm requirements for gaining access to PRD are provided. A SWAT team is working non-stop to support clinicians reporting problems. 

We can help with technical access issues but cannot help if clinicians have not completed their InfoCare module or taken training. If you are not ready for practice on November 3, make sure that you find someone to cover your clinical service!

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