Countdown Checklist L7, T-minus 11: Anticipate Acute Cutover

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 7 prescribers readying for launch November 5, 2023...
  • Anticipate Acute Cutover
Cutover for acute care is a process through which key pieces of information about admitted patients are entered into Connect Care prior to launch. The primary concern for prescribers will be the management of medication and non-medication orders, and the translation of important information about patients’ clinical status from a paper record to Connect Care.

Prescribers should anticipate, and mobilize resources for, seven key tasks as part of cutover processes:
  • Pre-Launch (October 31–November 4)
    1. Clean up medication orders in legacy systems. Remove unnecessary orders or unused PRNs.
    2. Fill out or review and sign Non-Medication Order Forms for each admitted patient. Should be found on the front of charts. Deadline is end of day November 2 for acute care teams, November 3 for critical care and rural teams. Ensure the orders are predictive of the patient needs as of November 5 at 05:00.
    3. If Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) was NOT done on the legacy BPMH form at admission, it will have to be done; prescribers must review/complete and sign an AHS-approved BPMH form. If BPMH was done on admission, nothing is needed for this step.
    4. Create list of all patients the team is following by November 4 at 23:00, to ensure smooth creation of provider specific and specialty lists.
    5. Summary Migration to the Hospital Course field and Problem List entry on November 3 and 4. Note this step can also be done post-launch, if teams are not able to do ahead of launch. 
    • Reminder: All team members should be logged out of the legacy and Connect Care systems by November 4 at 23:30, and remain out of the system until November 5 at 05:00.
  • Post-Launch (November 5)
    1. Create provider specific and specialty lists by finding their patients on the individual units throughout the hospital. Once patients are located, attach your service provider team to the patients Current Encounter Treatment Team.
    2. Compare legacy Medication and Non-Medication orders to Connect Care orders. Orders that will be missing include but are not limited to: 
      • Ongoing lab orders, only the first 24 hours worth of lab are being brought over.
      • Reoccurring medications that were ordered after pharmacy closure time. 
      • Wound Care orders. 
      • Area specific orders.
      • Orders that have changed since cutover occurred for patient.
The following resources can help prescribers prepare for acute cutover activities (for long-term care/Continuing Care activities, see this post):