Connect Care Launch 6 Countdown

Our countdown timer has reappeared again (see top of left column, just above the Search box)! 

The Connect Care Launch 6 date is set for the early hours of Saturday, May 6, 2023. This wave will bring many sites into the Connect Care fold, including the following:

  • Calgary Zone: Rockyview General Hospital; South Health Campus Hospital; AMH Ambulatory sites
  • Edmonton Zone: Alberta Hospital Edmonton; Grey Nuns Hospital; Misericordia Community Hospital; Villa Caritas
  • Central Zone: Acute and combined acute and long-term care sites encompassing the former East Central Health Region, including AMH Ambulatory sites
  • Pharmacy and diagnostic imaging: Sites in Edmonton; Calgary including Outpatient MRI At South Calgary Health Centre; former East Central Health Region
  • Alberta Precision Laboratories: Sites in former East Central Health Region; Provincial Lab; all Calgary Zone
We are within 125 days from Launch 6.

Having learned how important it is to avoid a last minute rush, our Countdown Checklist (checklist.connect-care.ca) will restart around 100 days prior to Launch 6. This checklist allows prescribers to ensure that requirements are met as they progress from registration through training, proficiency, personalization and launch-readiness. A convenient option is to subscribe to this blog so each Countdown Checklist post is sent directly to your preferred email.