Countdown Checklist L5, T-minus 45: Get Ready for Clinical Orders Conversion

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 5 prescribers readying for launch November 6, 2022...
  • Anticipate Clinical Orders Conversion
Manual Clinical Orders Conversion is the manual entry into Connect Care of scheduled patients’ recurrent/standing clinical orders in advance of launch. Outpatient clinics (day medicine, MOU) and some ED settings that deliver recurrent, scheduled therapies must complete this activity to ensure orders can be actioned by department staff, blood bank, and pharmacy at launch. 

Four weeks before launch, outpatient treatment departments will begin the process, entering orders from the legacy system into Connect Care for patients scheduled for treatments from launch onwards. Only patients who have been prescribed treatments from prescribers who have completed basic training will be able to have their orders active in Connect Care. This is a system requirement when selecting an ordering prescriber responsible for treatment.

For prescribers who have patients scheduled for treatment as described above, there are three essential actions for Manual Clinical Orders Conversion
  • Complete your basic training and EUPA, to ensure you have Connect Care access 4 weeks prior to launch. Even if you are not personally participating in Orders Conversion, these prerequisites are necessary for clinicians to be able to transcribe your orders. 
    • Note: Once you have completed your EUPA, you may begin receiving In Basket messages in Connect Care. This is how the departments will send orders to you for clarification and, if necessary, for signing. 
  • If participating in entering your patients' orders, connect with the department(s) where your patients are receiving treatment, arrange to access your patients’ orders, and schedule time. 
  • If participating in Orders Conversion pre-launch, or if you plan to order recurrent therapy plans, attend a prescriber-facilitated session for additional training in therapy plans
Information on Manual Clinical Data Conversion will follow in a later Checklist post. For information on oncology conversion activities, see the earlier Checklist post.