Countdown Checklist W3 L-19: Follow the Tippies

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 3 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch April 10, 2021...
  • Follow Connect Care Tippies
With most Wave 3 prescribers having full Connect Care production access, this is prime time for setting up starter personalizations that can streamline Connect Care workflows at launch. This is also a great time to collect simple best practices that colleagues have found most useful. These "Tippy" peer-to-peer tips can be considered within a moment, with many able to speed things up for most users.

Tippies are published on our "Tips" Channel (button above or tips.connect-care.ca) and will be re-released approximately daily in the peri-launch period. Please consider subscribing to the Tips channel.

The entire Tippies collection can be viewed via tippies.connect-care.ca or tippy.connect-care.ca (worth bookmarking).

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