Countdown Checklist W2 L-17: Confirm Connect Care Access and Login Role

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Confirm Access and Role(s)
Do you, or could you, have clinical duties October 24, 2020, or following at a Wave 2 Site? If so, it is essential that you confirm NOW that you have access to the AHS Network (insite.ahs.ca), to the Unified Access Portal (myapps.ahs.ca) and to Production (PRD) Connect Care. A successful PRD login (using your AHS username and password) is just the start. It is also important that a PRD login opens a clinical information system environment appropriate to one's roles and duties. Best to sort out any problems now, well before launch.

A "virtual login lab" allows Wave 2 clinicians to confirm that they have access to the right tools in the right way. Follow these steps (in order):
  • Complete basic training, the associated end-user proficiency assessment (EUPA) and On Our Best Behavior (InfoCare privacy training).
  • Login to myapps.ahs.ca and launch Connect Care production (PRD).
  • At the Hyperspace logon screen, enter your AHS username and password.
  • If multiple "jobs" are presented (multi-role physician), complete the rest of this process for each in turn.
  • When asked for a "Department", choose the appropriate zone virtual clinical department (e.g., Edmonton Zone Cardiology, Edmonton Zone Pediatrics, etc.).
  • Once opened into Hyperspace, use the search function (top right corner), type "CMIO" and jump to the "CMIO Login Labs Info" activity. Alternately, select the top left 'Epic' button, then the "Help" then "CMIO Login Labs Info" submenu item.
  • Examine the information provided and complete the linked survey to indicate whether the physician roles and templates appear correct.
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