First Connect Care Upgrade - March 12, 2020, 0030-0430 - What's new?

We've previously posted about the upcoming upgrade to Connect Care's clinical information system. Check there for reminders about downtime procedures.

Many have been asked for more detail about what might change. As previously reported, there are no changes with significant workflow or training implications. Many small changes, in aggregate, improve the user experience. Examples include:
  • StoryBoard - more information, better organized, for many clinical areas include icon tweaks, procedure information for radiology, clearer patient identifiers, etc.
  • Hyperspace - better visual indicators for the application (e.g. ASAP, Inpatient, OpTime) in effect, encounter context and chart locks.
  • Applications - Lumens (e.g., difficult procedures) and Beacon (e.g., chemo history) are enhanced functionality.
  • SmartText - new SmartLinks and SmartPhrases become available and will be summarized for uers.
  • Mobility - user interface improvements for order and chart co-signing, MyAHS Connect messaging, treatment team assignment, and reports.
A full list of all changes (filtered to physician-facing) is available (with screenshots):

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