Countdown Checklist L-25: Plan Workload Adjustments

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 1 physicians facing Connect Care Launch 25 days from now...
  • Understand Physician Workload Adjustments for your Area
It is not a given, or often possible, that clinical services decrease at Connect Care launch. A number of strategies can maximize physician productivity, clinical service resilience and capacity for change.

Be sure to ask your clinical leaders (division, department, section, specialty, clinic, ward, etc.) about plans to adjust physician availability, preparation and support in your area at launch. Discuss and confirm understandings at division/section/unit meetings.

Understand your role in making things better for your team. Usually your best contribution is to take training seriously and fully benefit from personalization training. This dramatically decreases the likelihood that you will burden your colleagues or degrade clinical service.

See our Byte about workload planning for more information.

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