Countdown Checklist L-20: Update Security Profile

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 1 physicians facing Connect Care Launch 20 days from now...
  • Update Your AHS Security Profile
This task anticipates future calls to the Alberta Health Services IT HelpDesk or Connect Care Solution Centre. Among other things, physicians may need help with things like logon credentials or remote access FOBs. Understandably, HelpDesk must confirm the identity of the caller. This is done with a security profile, including special questions and answers, that the physician can set up independently, as explained in the Connect Care Physician Manual

All physicians are asked to update their security profile now:
Upon authenticating to the IAM user section, look for a "Update Security Questions" in the bottom left column. You will set a secret word and answers to a series of security-prompt questions. Remember the answers! (Note - you must have a FOB for external access or do this from within AHS)

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